Flower Bulb Fundraiser

Greetings from The Terra Ceia Farms,

Your organization needs to raise funds and to that end there are a lot of choices. Following are a few reasons we hope you will consider our program when making that choice. Our fundraiser is...

·    Easy to administrate - Payment for bulbs is collected as the orders are taken. Not only do you have immediate access to income, but there is no surplus inventory left to eat up your profit margin. Distribution is no hassle – we do almost all the work for you. Your order will be returned to you sorted by sales team / homeroom. Individual packages will be labeled with the sales person's name, the customer's name and the item name.

·   Designed for excellent profit – We give top margin, 50% of sales! Further, all orders greater than $2500.00 (net sales) will receive free shipping (a 10% value).

·   The best quality, guaranteed - Fresh, top-size flowerbulbs will give you beautiful returns that your customers will enjoy for years. All of our orders are hand picked and hand packed, not pre-packaged. We stand behind our products one hundred percent.

We're excited about the prospects of sharing our fall flowerbulb fundraising opportunity with you - we hope you will be excited, too. For further information, please feel free to call Carol @ 800.858.2852 or use the link below and we will mail you the details.

Click here to request a fundraiser packet.


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